Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Remainder

Well thank god it's finally over. At least the golf. What a great fest this year. All 8 participants showed and gave the beautiful courses our collective best. Saturday at Vistoso proved to be a great day. Once again hot but the course in better condition, quieter and more pleasant than day one at Tucson National with Jaun and Diego on every hole watering and making alot of noise as well as watching every shot. Vistoso was great and at the end of the day Corey was just a few strokes out and poised for a great Sunday round at Ventana Canyon. Ventana was a huge resort and beautiful course but the shotgun start was about an hour and 10 minutes late and we were unable to finish our round which sucked. We finished at dark after Craig almost stepped on a rattle snake on the last tee box. The course was beautiful but kicked my ass. Corey squeaked out a narrow victory over Barry to take the overall cup. I don't know on which hole he went ahead since I was not playing with that group. Bill won the net cup and I as usual came in last place overall, same story every year. Tony may have had that honor but since he did not play round one I get to keep that distinguished title. The night was topped off with a mexican dinner and a great concert by Ween in which we were all up on the balcony drinking Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The show highlighted the Gener and Deaner at their best with such hits as I'll be your Johnny on the Spot, Buckingham Green, Zoloft, My Own Two Hands, Mr Won't You Please Help My Pony, Roses are Free, Stoker Ace and a couple of accoustic tunes just to name a few. Thanks to Bill for the tickets. A great fest and hopes for more in the years to come. Congrats to Corey. I am sure Barry will be gunning for you next year.P.S if you click on any photo it will give you a larger image. FYI

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Golf on Friday

Golf today at Tucson National was a great source of frustration to us all. The course was in good shape but there were a lot of people around and there were some sprinkler issues. They also put us on the shittier course of the two they had instead of the Catalina PGA Tour course. Cory took the lead with a scorching 84 and I rounded out the bottom with an awe striking 106 everyone else fell somewhere in between. Tony finally made it down although not for golf today. He will be in tomorrows round. Should be a great day. Stay posted.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Arrival In Tucson and the first night - November 1st, 2007

Well all went well and we all arrived in Tucson at about noon local time. Everyone except Tony. He is on his way now but will miss todays golf. The house is well appointed although locked when we arrived. Nice view of the mountains, pool and hot tub. Went for a run this morning and took a look at the course we will be golfing tomorrow. Looks great. Had a great time with all the friends that haven't been together for a while. Looking forward to golf and more fun over the next few days. Yee Ha..